Thursday, August 23, 2007


There was a big thunderstorm in Taipei yesterday afternoon during the third day of our APEC OVOP Workshop on E-Commerce.
At left is a picture of the Taipei 101, the tallest building in the world, being hit by lightnight.

There was loud thunder, lightnight flashes, and heavy rain.

This followed on from last Saturday's typhoon which lashed Taiwan.

Fortunately, the thunderstorm ended and the sun came out to shine.

Douglas Keari and I visited an electronics shop in Taipei before returning to the Grand Hotel to rest.


  1. Sailing into the ocean of blogs I found your interesting space...
    Let me read it with calm:)
    I want to send you sincere and warm greetings from Chile, visit me if you want.

  2. Salam from Tajikistan! was really interesting to read your article at from where I found out about you blog. Well done!

    Early August I was in Taipei and I cannot imagine how that thunderstorm could happen.

    with sincere greetings from Tajikistan

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