Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Yalu Bridge to 9-Mile is an International disgrace

The stretch of the Lae-Nadzab Road between Yalu Bridge and 9-Mile.

Despite all the hype about this road (I know, having covered it from the beginning) it remains to be completed.
Sure, the first stage between Bugandi and 9-Mile has been completed, however, the stretch from 9-Mile to Yalu is an  international disgrace.
It is no longer a road, rather, a bush track full of potholes.
So many accidents have happened along this stretch recently, especially caused by vehicles trying to avoid the massive craters which would rival the Rabaul volcanoes, but nothing has been done.

Return of the Potholes in Lae

In Lae, while most urban thoroughfares have been completed, transforming “Pothole City” into “Cement City”, the Busu Road stretching from China Town to Malahang is falling apart.
This road was built by Australian company, Barclay Bros, in the late 1990s and early 2000s and has stood the test of time until now.
It was once the best road in Lae which we were all proud of.
I am shocked to drive through potholes between Butibam and Ampo, and from Hunter to Malahang.

~Shot and produced with DJI Osmo Pocket PS: I have posted this video the hope that this road is fixed urgently.

A rainy Saturday in Port Moresby

A rainy Saturday in Port Moresby.
Shot and produced with DJI Osmo Pocket.
March 16 2019.

Nadzab Airport, Lae

Nadzab Airport, Lae.
Shot and produced with DJI Osmo Pocket.
March 8 2019

Friday, March 15, 2019

Local Tourist: A PNG Air flight to Lae

A travel vlog of a PNG Air flight from Port Moresby to Lae on Friday, March 8, 2019.
Shot with and produced by my DJI Osmo Pocket.

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Wagang Beach, Lae

Beautiful Wagang Beach, Lae, where Wafi-Golpu Joint Venture plans to pipe millions of tonnes of tailings into the Huon Gulf.
For better or worse?
 March 8 2019

Monday, March 11, 2019

Skyviews of Lae, Papua New Guinea

I took these skyviews of my beloved hometown of Lae on Saturday, March 9, and Sunday, March 10 using my DJI Spark drone.
Edited using DJI Mimo app on my Huawei Mate 10 phone.
 Thank you to bro Kila Veapi for driving me around, Philemon Nalusi for security and my nephew David Nalu Jr for your company.
This is for all the people of Lae and Morobe.

Thursday, March 07, 2019

Beautiful Port Moresby Nature Park

A day at Nature Park on Saturday, March2, 2019,  with my kids.
It also happened to beWorld Wildlife Day.
Video taken and produced entirely by the DJI Osmo Pocket and its Mimo app.

World Wildlife Day 2019 in Port Moresby

World Worldlife Day on March 2 2019 at Nature Park in Port Moresby.
This is shot and produced entirely with my new Osmo Pocket.
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World Wildlife Day at Port Moresby Nature Park

Port Moresby Nature Park General-Manager Michelle George talks about World Wildlife Day on March 2, 2019, and the park in general:

Hobuc, Nawaeb, Morobe: My first vlog

On Saturday Jan 26, 2019, I accompanied Tourism Promotion Authority Chairman and Nawaeb MP Kennedy Wenge  and TPA officers, Hudson Arek and Joel Ombo, to Nawaeb High School at Hobuc, on the foothills of the magnificent Saruwaged Range.

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Tourism Promotion Authority kickstarts tourism on Siassi

Tourism Promotion Authority chairman Kennedy Wenge says the TPA is committed to develop tourism in the remote Siassi islands of Morobe.

Tourism Promotion Authority Chairman Kennedy Wenge presents the K10,000 to Siassi LLG representative Willa Omole.

He made the committment on Friday during a short visit to Siassi Lutheran High School where he presented K10,000 for development of tourism, arts and culture education at the school.

Siassi dancers welcome Tourism Promotion Authority Board chairman Kennedy Wenge to Siassi High School on Friday.

Wenge made the presentation of behalf of Tourism Arts and Culture Minister Emil Tammur and TPA chief executive officer Jerry Agus to Siassi LLG representative Willa Omole.

School Chairman John Gerson assured Wenge the money would be put to good use.

The Siassi islands, because of their remoteness, have an intact traditional culture and untapped tourism potential.

Wenge said this potential must be tapped into to bring about development on the island.

He said TPA's committment to develop tourism on Siassi had seen him travel the long distance across the Vitiaz Strait.

"The rich culture of the Siassi islands must not be lost," Wenge said.

"My presence on the island today shows our commitment to develop tourism here.

"People from all over the world must travel here to see the rich arts and culture of the island.

"What TPA can do is market the Siassi islands as a tourism destination in Morobe."

Wenge said the Government was keen to develop tourism throughout Papua New Guinea.

"Siassi is one of the best places to develop tourism," he said.

"Tourism is an industry that puts money directly into everyone's pockets."

Wenge said last October, he attended the Evangelical Lutheran Church of PNG's national women's conference at which he had made a commitment to return.

He lived up to his words on Friday.

"We want ships and planes to come to Siassi," he said.

"We wants wharves and airstrips.

"When these are in place, visitors will come.

"Siassi is the first place I have visited as it has so much potential for tourism."

Siassi tourism promoter Clyde Aigilo welcomed the TPA support.

Friday, October 19, 2018

Sir Mekere:500 cars procured by APEC in free-for-all

APEC Authority documents show that at least 500 vehicles have been procured by the O’Neill Government for APEC, many of them Land Cruisers and Prados similar in luxury to the Bentleys, Maseratis and Mahindras.

“The astonishing total indicates that a free-for-all of greed is taking place under the guise of APEC,” Sir Mekere Morauta, Member for Moresby North-West said yesterday.

“Many of them have been claimed by the Prime Minister, the APEC Minister and top APEC Authority officials, who already have vehicles allocated to them as part of their contracts.

“Others have gone to ministers and their outriggers, public servants and the heads of statutory bodies who are also allocated vehicles as part of their contracts."

Sir Mekere said the APEC Authority documents do not reveal the total cost of vehicle acquisitions.

 But it must be astronomical, he said.

Nor do the documents indicate whether public competitive tenders were called for all these vehicles, as required by the APEC Act, whether their procurement was scrutinised by the APEC Probity Auditor, as required by the Act, or whether they are to be disposed of after APEC by competitive public tender as required by the Act.

The details are:
Prados and Land Cruisers 208
HiLuxes 88
Forerunners 11
Rav 4s 30
Hyundai Accents 23
Ford Rangers and Everests 12
Maseratis 40
Mahindras 80
Bentleys 3
Mazda BT50s 5

“This vehicle procurement by APEC highlights the greed and self-indulgence of the Prime Minister and the APEC Minister,” Sir Mekere said.

“It highlights their twisted priorities - spending tens of millions of kina on luxury vehicles at a time when ordinary Papua New Guineans are suffering unprecedented hardship, and the nation is almost bankrupt. What is the total cost of vehicles purchased for APEC? K100 million? Or more?

 “That money should have been spent on health and education and other essential services, not a giant party for foreigners and PNC cronies.

“Just as the need to solicit donations from Australia, China, New Zealand, the USA, Japan, Canada, Indonesia and Korea demonstrates that Papua New Guinea cannot afford APEC, if we really needed 500 cars to host APEC, that also shows that Papua New Guinea cannot afford to host the event.”

The full details of the vehicle arrangements are available here, under the item Transport Managing and Maintenance.