Friday, November 09, 2007

Lae becoming overrun by potholes

The once-beautiful garden city of Lae is virtually being overrun by potholes.

All over the city, potholes – resembling moonlike craters – are appearing.

The bitumen in many parts of the city has disappeared and been replaced with dusty roads found in rural areas of the country.

Lae, in fact, can no longer be called a “city” if the terrible road conditions are anything to go by.

A case in point is the main Town bus stop at Eighth Street (pictured above) where the bitumen has all but disappeared.

“This place doesn’t deserve to be called a city,” said concerned Lae resident Philemon Nalusi as he pointed out the dusty track which is Eighth Street bus stop (pictured above).

“It’s more or less like an undeveloped rural area.”

Former residents of Lae would be astounded at the atrocious roads conditions if they were to visit.

The people of Lae are complaining that they don’t seem to have leaders who can push for the roads to be fixed.

The city is also falling into anarchy with law and order problems all over the city every day.

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  1. Nice blog. I have visited PNG seveal times and found it to be a wonderful country. I have many fond memories :-)