Monday, May 05, 2008

Introducing accounting to PNG

A second revised edition of Panditha Bandara’s book ‘Introductory Accounting for Papua New Guinea’ was launched on Thursday, April 24.
Governor-General Sir Paulias Matane officially launched the book at the Main Lecture Theatre of the University of Papua New Guinea.
Author Bandara is a lecturer in accounting at the School of Business Administration of UPNG.
Prior to joining the university he served as deputy principal and senior lecturer at Goroka Business College.
He has authored 29 publications including 25 books and four study packs for use of various levels of students.
These publications are currently used in schools and professional institutions, and universities in Sri Lanka.
The current publication is a text book in accounting for beginners.
The target readers are secondary school students, business and technical college students and university students.
The book is designed following a uniform sequence.
A chapter is divided into several sections and graded exercises have been included at the end of each section to revise prior to move on to the next section.
Throughout the book illustrative examples are given prior to the exercises, so that readers can study the example and move on the exercises.
A separate workbook is also supplied to accompany the text book for students to complete exercises.
Answers to selected exercises are also provided as guidance for students.
Text is written in simple lucid language.
Examples, business names and practical situations explained in the text have been taken from an environment familiar to the students.

By using different strategies, the author simplifies the theoretical concepts demonstrating experience in the profession.
Introduction to accounting, Accounting Equation, Double Entry Accounting, Accounting for Trading Businesses, Source Documents, Journals for Cash Transactions, Journals for Credit Sales and Purchases, General Journal, Accounting for GST, Posting Journals, Subsidiary Ledgers and Control Accounts, Petty Cash Transactions, Bank Reconciliation, Financial Statements, Balance Day Adjustments and Financial Statements: Worksheet Method are the 16 chapters included in the book.
“Accounting is a practical subject,” Mr Bandara says.
“Those who are learning accounting should learn this subject to practice.
“Therefore, skill development is very important.
“Students should work out exercises based on actual or close to actual situations.
“This book contains sufficient exercises taken from practical business situations.”
The book was published by New Age Publications of India and sells at UPNG Bookshop and PJB Rait School Supplies for K150.
The author can be contacted on email or mobile 6875850.

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