Thursday, July 10, 2008

Blogging offers endless possibilities for PNG

The column that I wrote last Friday on “How PNG can benefit from Blogging” opened up the eyes of many people in this country to how they can benefit from the technology that is freely available on the Internet.

It became very obvious to me that in this rapidly-globalising Information Age that we are living in, so many Internet users in PNG just use it to send and receive e-mails, as well as browse it to download music and pictures.

How about uploading stories and pictures to promote our beloved Papua New Guinea?

Two of the many people who responded to my article were from Goroka.

Japanese, Russell Deka Harada, ICT manager at the University of Goroka, was so impressed with the article and my Blog that he will use it as an example of how PNG can promote itself on the Internet at the UOG open day today.

Robert Schilt, IT Manager at Goroka General Hospital and a regular Blogger since early 2005 ( was also impressed with the article and is promoting my Blog on his Blog.

“I was reading your story about the Blog in the Weekender,” Mr Harada wrote.

“I am Japanese but I am in Goroka near 11 years.

“I have very big interest in PNG local culture so I will still live in Goroka and to develop latest Internet / e-mail technology through our University.

“Most important thing you said was that we have very unique culture in here and we should upload so many stories using Blogs.

“At this moment, so many Internet users in PNG are just using e-mail functions and browsing Internet to download music and pictures only

“But in the future we should upload our unique culture through the Internet to the world.

“I visited your Blog site and I have a lot of impressions.

“I am very surprised that I have never seen some Papua New Guineans write several stories on Blogs.

“This week Friday, our University has its open day.

“At that time can I introduce your Blog site to the public?”

Mr Schilt wrote: “I have added your RSS Feed to my news reader so will keep in touch with your stories.

“And just to let you know I also made reference to your article on Blogging on my Blog post.”

Nancy Waim from the Media Council of PNG commented: “Of all the things I read on The National, I reckon this article on Blogging is really an eye-opener for many.

“There are many others out there who do not know the availability of these avenues for information dissemination and also in creating your own space on the net as you mentioned.

“Good on you.”

Eliud Uwasenko from Pacific Adventist University: “I am interested in setting up my own Blog after reading your article.

“Please provide further information on how to go about in setting up my own Blog.”

Dr Philip Raif from Lae: “…thanks again for very good information on IT.

“I have been trying to find more about Blogs etc and now you may assist me with how to access and download templates on Blogs.

“If you can assist with some information I will be grateful.”

Robert Koela from Port Moresby: “I read with interest your article published in The National issue, Weekender of Friday 4th July titled ‘How PNG can benefit from Blogging’.

“I must say that I am very interested in creating my own Blog on the Internet.

“Though, I have not taken any computer training in this, I am nonetheless, acquainted with the Internet and most associated programs and computer language.

“I would very much appreciate some pointers/tips and references on where I could get more information in going about achieving this.”

Jacinta Yadamatti wrote from Divine Word University: “I am a third-year Business Studies student at the Divine Word University and I write in response to your article titled ‘How Papua New Guinea can benefit from Blogging’ published in the Weekender, The National, on Friday the 4th July.

“I found this article very informative and interesting!

“Immediately after reading the article, I went online to do some research on Internet Blogging and I found some very interesting theories, most of which you have outlined in the article.

“I even signed up with a cricket Blog site.

“I am a follower of the game, but I haven't written a thing in it yet.

“My purpose of writing is to seek assistance from you on tips of just where and how to start writing Blogs.

“I would also like to read your authored Blog but I can't, unfortunately, because I do not know where to find it.

“Would you mind informing me on how to access it?

“Your article has inspired me a great deal.”

And how about this from Eric Ungil, an overseas-based PNG doctor: “I was just reading the Weekender and came across your article about Blogging.

“I am a medical doctor overseas and I like your Blog.

“Keep up the good work and continue to write such fantastic articles about PNG.”

Mr Schilt left me with this thought from Michael Faraday, inventor of the electric motor, and a man who never went to university: “My education was of the most ordinary description, consisting of little more than the rudiments of reading, writing, and arithmetic at a common day school.

“My hours out of school were passed at home and in the streets.”

Happy Blogging!


  1. Anonymous7:37 PM

    A fun poem I wrote a few weeks ago about the obsession of blogging:

    Rantings: “The Blogging Curse”

    Digg it man!!

    Out of control,
    out of mind,
    I’m hooked…
    piddly dial-up connection!

    Instead of writing and posting,
    I’ve been obsessed!
    The right theme,
    the perfect widget,
    the ideal plugin!!
    and RSS feeds,
    not to mention comments.

    Engrossed in stats…
    How can I attract more readers?
    More bots…
    than real people,

    and stylesheets,

    In the meantime…
    over 1000 broken links,
    posts without excerpts
    and tabs playing up in Firefox!

    what is it all about really?
    The writing,
    the playing…
    or both?

    What purpose does it serve,
    whether I have two sidebars
    or just one?

    Customise that header!!
    Google it!
    Add that feed!
    Check out the forums!

    Where do they find it?
    These folks.

    As for me,
    got to cut back,
    find that balance
    and get back to blogging!

  2. Anonymous12:57 PM

    hi Malum,
    i always like reading your stories, now that you have a blog its easy to read more of your stories.

    thanks for the blog tips, am thinking of setting one for my stories too which i still have from my days with the media.


    Annette Obed