Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Telikom management and staff tackle Kokoda Trail

Telikom trekkers walking down the hill from Owers Corner to Goldie River
Telikom management and staff at Owers Corner before the start of the trek

Senior management and stafff of Telikom had a taste of the ruggedterrain of the Kokoda Trail last weekend.

The 15 staff - from marketing, regional operations and supply andlogistics divisions - walked from Owers Corner to Imita Ridge and downto Ua'Ule Creek last Saturday, overnighted, and then returned alongthe same route the next day.

For some of the trekkers such as marketing manager Jerry Damoi -overweight, unfit and out of shape - it was a real eyeopeningexercise.

"Initially, it's about team building, wellbeing and fitness," he said.

"The idea is to mix management, team leaders and top management andsend them in a team to the famous Kokoda Trail to really get to knoweach other better.

"The terrain is quite challenging and brings out teamwork andtogetherness beyond the office, general wellbeing, as well as fitnessand a healthier lifestyle."

"What better place than the Kokoda Trail to have such a particulartherapy take place?"

The trek was facilitated by 100% nationally-owned company Fuzzy WuzzyExpeditions, which also organises similar treks for major corporateentities such as SP Brewery and Ela Motors.

Senior staff and management of Telikom, including CEO Peter Loko, willhave a series of Kokoda treks over the next few weeks.

Port Moresby journalists Stan 'The Man' Ivahupa from the NationalBroadcasting Commission and Malum Nalu accompanied Telikom managementand staff on the first trek last weekend.

Mr Ivahupa featured it on his morning show on Monday morning.

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