Sunday, September 28, 2008

Congratulations to Goroka Base Hospital

Dear Nalu,

I am Lucy (student) doing my final year in Master of Health Sciences at Canterbury University, Christchurch NZ.

I read your article today on "Goroka Base Hospital (GBH) being the first hospital in the country to go online".

I am so impressed and want to take this time to congratulate Robert Schilt, Dr Apa and other hospital management and the hospital board for taking this initiative in introducing Information Technology as part of the hospital's strategies to improve delivery of health services to the population of Eastern Highlands Province.

It takes time and resources to establish the foundation, however, it' usage and benefits are essential for the patients, services and staff.

Keep up the good work and may Goroka Base Hospital be a model to other 19 hospitals in the country.

My thesis is on "Telehealth or Telemedicine in PNG" and I really support what GBH is doing.

Because 85% of people in rural areas are underserved due to many factors.

One of the reasons is the country's geographical barriers, less skilled health professionals, and etc, so with the use of Information and Communication Technology, the service it provides would be accessible, affordable and efficient to staff, patient and the community.

Thanks Goroka Base Hospital.

Lucy Au


UC, Christchurch NZ

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