Sunday, October 19, 2008

Bulolo Golf Club is the oldest in Papua New Guinea

Caption: 1. View from the 4th green to the 5th tee. 2. Bulolo Golf Club, the first golf club to be built in Papua New Guinea in 1947. 3. Inside the Bulolo Golf Club

Bulolo Golf Club, the eldest in the country, held its 60th anniversary and reunion from June 8-10 in 2007.

Currently, it has members from Bulolo-Watut and even Lae and Wau, and usually has a competition on Saturday afternoons.

 The course is a nine-hole course, which goes up and down hills, challenging players and at the same time allowing them to enjoy the surroundings and course layout.

Given Bulolo's rich and colourful history and characters, it is a great opportunity to meet old friends, and the usual Bulolo hospitality will be on offer.

"Bulolo Golf Club is the oldest Golf club in the Country still on the same location as it started,” said president Brian Boustridge.

"Port Moresby Golf Club is older but their golf course was moved to a different site from the original at some stage."


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  1. Does anyone know more about Bill Hunter described in Jim Sinclair's book "Golden Gateway"? “A bowls club was formed in 1956, with Bill Hunter as first president. Hunter remained in office until April 1961, when he collapsed and died of a heart attack while playing bowls. William Preston Hunter first came to Morobe District in 1929, and worked for both NGG and BGD before joining the AIF [Australian Imperial Force] on the oubreak of war—he was also a verteran of the Great War.
    “Bill Hunter returned to Bulolo after the war, and was one of the inital supporters of the Golf Club. although bowling was his favourite sport. Golf was still widely played. . . .”