Friday, October 31, 2008

Message from Acting Head Bishop of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of PNG, Reverend Zau Rapa, on the event of Reformation Day

What thoughts does the Evangelical Lutheran Church of PNG have on the Reformations started by Martin Luther in 1517 and today and onwards?

ELCPNG has a lot of work to do to strengthen the faith of its members.

The Lutheran Church is a reformed church and one of the major churches in the world.

Lutherans all over the world are spreading the Word of God like Martin Luther.

ELCPNG is one of the major churches in this country with more than 1.2 million followers, including active pastors and evangelists.

The Lutheran Church does not stand on history alone as there are many changes taking place.

We have the job of spreading the good news to all our followers as well as be careful of pitfalls along the way.

The Lutheran Church not only strengthens the faith but is also a partner in development in areas such as education, health, Yangpela Didiman, development services, youth, women, Sunday School and others.

The first classes will start in 2010 at the Lutheran University in Lae.

We have our own beliefs; however, we must work together with other mainstream churches in the country under the PNG Council of Churches.

I appeal to all followers to look at the presence and blessings of God in their lives.

At this juncture, ELCPNG will be looking at a replacement for the late Head Bishop Reverend Doctor Wesley Kigasung, who God called into His presence on May 14 this year.

His position is now vacant.

I have been Acting Head Bishop since Dr Kigasung’s death.

We must pray for a good Head Bishop to take over from where the late Dr Kigasung left us.

The next Synod will be held in January 2010 in Lae, Morobe province.

I ask all followers of the Church not to make a political issue out of this.

We need a good spiritual leader to guide the Church and we must pray to God for one.

We must stop beating our chests and start humbling ourselves.

Nominations will open at the Church Council in November this year and the nomination committee can start doing its job.

I appeal to all Lutherans to take heed of the pearls of wisdom from our founder Martin Luther when he started the Reformation all those years ago.

Thank you and God Bless you all on this most important day in our long Church history.


Reverend Zau Rapa

Acting Head Bishop of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of PNG


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