Sunday, October 19, 2008

Pictures of the Hidden Valley Gold Mine Project

Captions: 1. Giant trucks and other equipment, operated solely by landowner villagers including women, at Hidden Valley. Picture by SIMON ANAKAPU of NOROBE MINING JOINT VENTURES. 2. Visitors being shown around the Hidden Valley gold mine project.3. An aerial view of the Hidden Valley Mine Project area stretching down to Hamata. Picture by SIMON ANAKAPU of MOROBE MINING JOINT VENTURES.


  1. The recent tragic violence in the Hidden Valley region inspired this piece on the dangers of Zimbabwe like land grabs in the pacific.

    The economic advice Pacific Island countries have received from Australia & NZ is typical of the principles that have underpinned the Global Financial Crisis.

    Now wonder tribesmen and women are frustrated.

    I would be very interested in you and your readers feedback.

  2. Anonymous10:23 AM

    I Wounder,this big projects going ahead,what in for the people,Now i hope landowens get something out their land and make PNG Goverment pay for land or put something back in the land.I,am form PNG and I live in Austarlia for 30years and I fill for my people,beacuse PNG Goverment is going to poket the landowens worth,