Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Media fraternity reacts to 'night of shame'

Mathew Werigi: Hey, guys what a joke!!!Hahahahaha

Kas T: Bratz, tru ah mipela take off early.......na hau kam oli no putim long pepa ol stori long gudpela sait tasol PC - page 3 today.

Susuve Laumaea: This is an absolutely thankless brainless night of shame for those who got involved. I hope Madam Rowe, the US envoy and other VIPs did not get hurt. Sack the instigators and brawlers. There are two words called “education” and “civilization”. Without neither one is not a thinking, living, appreciating member of the Homo sapiens genus. Luckily or unluckily, some of us did not get invited to attend and share this horror but that’s not an excuse. By the way, can the organisers advice me if InterOil’s offer of annual sponsorship of “Excellence in Business Journalism Award” got a mention at all or got given just a little parochial consideration for what it was worth? Mi wait istap long harim toktok/feedback since a month ago.

Colin Taimbari: Absolutely disgraceful...

Ronald Bulum: None of those Post-Courier winners can write a proper paragraph, much less an English sentence.

Henry Morabang: It’s certainly a rehearsal for the next media competition, this time it’s BOXING.

Big Pat: Folks
It is indeed regretable that such hard work put in by the PNG Media Council was put to utter shame by a group of drunks.I was there when this so called brawl erupted. It should never have happened if the security had stepped in right there and then and ejected the female and male who started it all off. But the security just stood by and waited until punches were thrown before they moved it.For the AAP to suggest that the awards night descended into an allout brawl is another slap in the face - where is the story of the award winners, ambassador Leslie Rowe's speech, Joe Kanekane's speech etc? What is more important here: a well organised first ever media council conference culminating in recognition awards, or just an isolated lousy scrap between alcohol infected brains?This incident happend well after the awards had been completed. The Aussie journos were singing karaoke when the scrap occured. Is this the kind of reports they can conjure just because their karaoke practice was halted for a few seconds? While this incident did happen, it happened well after the awards presentation and the formal part of the evening, it happened outside the building and I take offence to Australian media reporters always reporting on the negative aspects of every little incident rather than looking at the positive side of things.I suggest that next year's media awards night should be alcohol free. and I will personally be the BOUNCER!
Many thanks
A really pissed off Big Pat

Noel Pascoe: Sadly, the journalism profession is littered with people who can’t handle grog….here and overseas.And those in PNG who are starting to get warmed up on this topic should look into their own backyards, themselves and the folks they work with.Both in PNG and Australia and other countries, journos suck up the free grog and do stupid things.This is my own opinion and does not represent my employer, guys.
Noel Pascoe

Susuve Laumaea: I hear you. Maybe we could blame it on culture shock – some people cannot handle grog or have not come to terms with a social lifestyle that involves consumption of grog and still be at peace with oneself and with others convivially. Good grog is good grog……but brawling nah!!! If individuals cannot be relied on to exercise restraint when inebriated or to use commonsense, maybe its time for all divisions of media organisations (not just newsrooms) and the Media Council to separately or jointly create a program of training on social etiquette : i.e - conventional rules of social behavior, professional conduct, code of behavior, form, convention, protocol, formalities, customs, decorum, good manners, propriety, politeness, courtesy, civility, dress code etc. Initial reaction including mine was clearly of shock, shame, horror and disgust but, hey, let’s look at how to prevent repeat of this type of behavior in the future and look at ways to effectively and gainfully bond together on the basis and in the spirit of mutual respect for one another, being civil and professional in our conduct and displaying to the public at large that we are well-mannered, socially responsible members of a noble profession. I thought the successfully run Media Pool Competition and the Media Council’s occasional bonding nights were beginning to do wonders towards entrenching a culture of the social etiquette I refer to here. But maybe I am mistaken. That’s my two toea bit as food for thought on this subject.

Titi Gabi: We have had one too many occasions where journos who cannot handle their grog go out and make idiots of the media in general and embarrass us all. I agree with Sus that the time is right now for everyone to be taken through the rituals with experts to "Drink to Socialise and not to Get Drunk.” We can drink to get drunk in the confines of our own homes. At public gatherings where international guests and media are also invited, there are some protocols to observe. Never mind what happens elsewhere in the world, we are concerned about us here and it’s time to grow up!! How many times have we jumped at leaders and sports people for making fools of themselves in similar drunken stupors? Airports? Hotels? On flights? Well this time, we have four fingers pointing right back at us!! Downright embarrassing!!!!!!!!

Mathew Yakai in China: It is interesting to read several comments on the blog on the unfortunate fights. Even the papers in PNG and overseas covered the event. Unfortunately, all those commented, and even the papers and other media organisation did not mention in any lines the ultimate cause of this fight. There are three possible options: 1. frustration over not being awarded for their hard work in the newsroom, 2. fighting over women, or 3. because they were simply drunk. If it’s because of the third one then this is unfortunate but they can learn from their mistakes. If it erupted from the first and second then it’s a shame they have to work it out in their love bed and newsroom. By the way, I sympathise that it happened and those who were involved have been labelled bad names. I am sure they will improve from this incident. Some, I know they regret and planning to make it their New Years resolution not to drink, given that the New Year is approaching. We all as human beings are bound to making mistakes. Those who spelled out strong worded frustration and comments, I would suggest that one day will be your, or you might pee in a public place without knowing when you are so drunk. That’s also a shame. Those who have been shamed for this minor but regrettable incident, I would suggest that brush all those comments aside and push on. God only will judge you...but He is there now to comfort you. With that, I would like to congratulate those who have been recognised for their work and the organisers for a job well done. Long live PNG Media.

Mathew Yakai

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