Wednesday, November 19, 2008

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Hello Malum,

Long time no hear from you.

This morning, our University Of Goroka-ICT department had an informal ICT workshop for graduating students. (16 attendance)

We hosted this workshop at the new open computer Lab called STAR Room in our treasure Library building.

Our university has the new satellite broad-band system called PNGARNet (Academic Research Network) but only providing for the staff.

Today we allowed students access the Internet and they have their own web-mail account.

After they graduate from UOG, almost all will become teachers of secondary/high schools.

Now they can contact to us if they have any technical ICT problems after they start work at the schools.

Also we introduced your blog site to upload their own information to use the blog.

We understand that the most secondary/high schools in PNG do not have the Internet connection but in the future our university wants to provide

better internet connection to them through wireless technology.

We introduced OSS (Open Source Software) also.

Almost 100% of PCs in PNG is running Windows but we would like to show the other operating system to the students.

This is because Windows software is not free and so many PC viruses infected.

We introduced edubuntu (ubuntu8.04) desktop and this is enough function to use some basic instructions.

This workshop is a big mile-stone for teacher's using the Internet facility and OSS.

This is the one of the comments from the students.

Mandy Aaron said:I wish to thank you and your team for facilitating this workshop. I now have a fair idea on some of the things that I never understood.

 For example, I never understood the concept of virus and why certain email addresses are created the way they are, until now.

The workshop was quite informative and well understood because you spoke my own language which is Tok Pisin.

There should be more of this type of workshop be carried out by you because there are lots of basic IT skills some of us do not know.

Also I appreciate your generousity in supplying the other software which is a bonus for me for attending this workshop.

I will contact you if I my school needs you in the near future.



Thank you!

Tenk yu!



Russell Deka HARADA

ICT Manager

The University of Goroka







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