Sunday, January 18, 2009

Keeping in touch with Sam Basil in the USA

My good mate and Bulolo MP Sam Basil, one of the most dynamic and productive young politicians in Papua New Guinea right now, is in the USA for the inauguration of Barrack Obama as US President on Tuesday, January 20.

It’s a huge vote-of-confidence in this businessman-cum-politician, who in only his first term in office, has won the admiration of the whole of Papua New Guinea for his hard work, honesty and transparency.

No doubt he will learn a lot from his trip to the USA, be a good ambassador for Papua New Guinea, and be inspired by his role model in Obama.

Sam has set up a blog in which he will inform those back in his electorate of Bulolo, Morobe province and Papua New Guinea about his trip to the USA.

Log on and post your comments on Sam’s blog.





  1. Anonymous4:52 PM

    Hi M,

    You must have gone into the office today.

    Mate - beat you to it! Always wanted to be Mr Basil's #1 follower!!

    Let's hope he posts regular updates during his historic trip the the US.


  2. Hi Robert.

    Sam promised to update regularly during his US trip.


  3. This is a great sign of a young leader that of Mr. Basil's calibre. Haven't seen such blog for PNG MPs and I take my hat off for Mr. Basil.
    The people of Bulolo/Wau should be proud of their leader.

    Great job, Mr. Basil and welcome to the USA


    David Ketepa

    Michigan, USA

  4. The people of Bulolo, are indeed very proud, that they have arguably the best and most promising young leader in the country.