Thursday, January 15, 2009

Man rapes dog

Police on Tuesday arrested an Indonesian refugee residing in Kiunga, Western province, for allegedly having unnatural sex with a female dog, The National reports.

North Fly provincial police commander Chief Insp Tobby Hamago said the suspect was arrested for committing an act of unnatural sex by sexually penetrating a female dog between 9am and 10am on Sunday last week at Kumbit Corner, Kiunga.

According to police reports, the suspect, 25, from Timka village in Merauke district of Indonesia’s Irian Jaya, was arrested after a formal complaint was received from the owner of the female dog.

“The suspect is now detained at Kiunga police cells awaiting a court appearance,” Chief Insp Hamago told The National yesterday when contacted about the incident.

He said the dog was a local breed.

Police said the suspect was caught in the act red-handed by four Kumbit Corner residents, who reported the matter to police, Insp Hamago said.

Police said the suspect was seen naked with his trousers down to his ankles while he sexually penetrated the animal from the rear.

They said the suspect covered the dog’s mouth with his T-shirt.

“People have come in and given their versions of the story, which are similar to this,” Chief Insp Hamago said.

It was reported that this was not the first time the suspect had been sighted sexually penetrating female dogs.

Police said he would be charged with committing unnatural sex under section 210 (1) (b) of the Criminal Code.


  1. As the old saying goes, "when a dog bites a man it's not news, when a man bites a dog it's news!"

    The incident epitomizes the maxim..

  2. One of the first things we learned at journalism school was "when a dog bites a man it's not news, but when a man bites a dog it's news".

    True, true!


  3. Anonymous12:11 AM


    I am curious with the heading of the story, "Man rapes dog". Malum, this story is interesting. But how does the reporter who reported for The National knows that it was a rape incident, thus the sub-editor used the word "rape" in the heading.

    "Rape" is a word that can be arguably used for human beings, when one is not agreed to a sexual intercourse. For a man to penetrate this poor dog can not be termed as "rape" case because the animal is not biologically tuned to give evidence before a court of law to testify.

    Other important point to investigate and find out from the "man" is to discover whether there is any believe or faith in having sex with an animal. I remember in Fiji, a man penetrated a horse in 1999 when he had problem with his penis, thinking that such act would cure his problem. The man in the case of this affair with the dog may have some reasons for his act.

    But overall, the act depicts the sick society PNG is today. If this man can penetrate the poor dog then it means that he can penetrate any human being, despite blood relatives!

    Mathew Yakai

  4. ..well I would guess rape is sexual intercourse/penetration against the will of the victim, either it be a human being or animal - human beings are in fact animals anyway but of a more intelligent species. Thankfully enough objects don't have a life so we don't have to go into the case of people abusing objects or themselves with objects.

    In that case, I would imagine that sexual penetration was forced upon the poor animal and as such considered "rape".

    Mi no save mi tok tasol.

    Well in Nigeria sometime last year a man was forced to marry a goat after being caught in a sexual act with the poor animal.

    Unfortunately, for the guy he had no choice but to accept the verdict or be probably stoned to death!

  5. Anonymous5:12 PM

    I guess we will never know whether it is "rape" or not because only the dog can confirm whether she consented or not.

    hmmmmmm....might have been consensual!

  6. Gaigai tauna1:25 PM

    Well all I can say is that the culprit is heterosexual (the dog was female after all)...