Monday, January 19, 2009

Mobile phone setbacks the Papua New Guinea way!

Seems that these days both Digicel and B Mobile networks do not efficiently connect callers.
Digicel has now become frustrating to most users.
Calls don’t even seem to connect at all. 
I tried calling my friend who stood with me by the network said the phone was switched off. 
Seems like they keep ripping us off using the voicemail charges.
There are two possible explanations, probably; the network has grown too big. 
In other words the number of users is too much for the hardware infrastructure at hand. 
That is why they switch off a range of numbers to lighten the load. 
Sort of load shedding!
Or simply they are making money off the voicemail prompts to cover up for the huge marketing. 
There has to be a boomerang somewhere in the marketing strategies.
Their race with B Mobile has caused rush for nation wide coverage that they forgot the rules of quality service.
I think businesses should move towards walkie talkies. 
Hand held radios should be the solution for network setbacks.
No voice mails, no flex cards and best of all you have a whole frequency to yourself.
 Like owning your own freeway!
Talk until you are hungry!

Just a monthly payment!

 I’m on my way to getting myself one installed at my office.

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