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No historical basis for Amelia Earhart's loss in Papua New Guinea



There is no historical basis for Amelia's loss in PNG.  The only fact in the article that is accurate, is that Amelia took off from Lae Airfield, and would have flown over part of present day PNG, before leaving present day PNG territory.

Amelia Earhart died doing what she loved... and most likely her plane crashed near her destination, and she died at sea, drowned or was wounded in the crash.   This is a less glamourous fate than 'conspiracy theories' present... but probably true, nor has any definative evidence ever proven otherwise.

Other myths in PNG are that Japanese brought gold bars to PNG... although everyone would like to find buried treasure, there is no historical evidence of any ship or cargo of gold bars brought into present day PNG during World War II... yet, many people - outsiders and PNG people believe this to be true, and have spent money chasing false stories... versus exploring PNG's real history.  There is REAL gold in PNG... in the ground.. but it was not brought there by the Japanese during World War II.

Many planes went missing in PNG that belonged to the USA, Australia, New Zealand and Japanese between 1941-1945.  For the past 15 years, I have been studying these losses... and likely it will be a life long challenge.  Each has a story and most claimed their crew's lives.  These are the real ghosts of war in PNG.

Therefore, any wreckage found in that area is most likely World War II... a number of other known wrecks are in that same area... including a B-17 Flying Fortress -

This is a known wreck, and parts of it are displayed at the Kokopo Museum.

The number mentioned '06751' is not known to be associated with any known loss... probably, it is a part number only... but could be associated with that known wreck

I would be happy to review any photos of aircraft wreckage in PNG... aircraft experts like my colleagues can tell what any part is... even from photographs.  Details on part numbers, etc can even reveal the type of plane it was from, or in some cases, even identify them precisely.

The aviation history of PNG is very fascinating... but i am afraid it does not include Earhart or Gold bars.

In the article you sent... it mentions the wreck being shot down in 1913 or 1914....   no aircraft flew in present day PNG until 1918... that honor goes to a German airplane from a raiding ship!  

Anyone saying they know where gold bars are... ask them 'what is your proof?' - If they can produce wartime documents or gold bars, then the world will gladly bow to them!

For the best article debunking the Amelia Earhart claim in PNG... I suggest reading "Leave Amelia Alone" by Michael Claringbould, Flightpath Magazine (I do not have a copy handy, but can ask the author for a copy for you).


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