Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Questions the Papua New Guinea government must answer

  • Julian Moti affair of October 2006 in which an international fugitive was spirited out of Port Moresby to Solomon Islands in a clandestine operation on a Papua New Guinea Defence Force aircraft, apparently ordered by the Prime Minister as revealed by the PNG Defence Commission of Inquiry;
  • Failed $US29.8 million (K85 million) Taiwan diplomacy scandal in which Papua New Guinea citizens are alleged to have received bribes. In May 2008, allegations were made of a government minister allegedly signing a draft communiqué for Papua New Guinea to set up “full diplomatic relations” with Taiwan in September 2006 in Port Moresby.
  • $US40 million (K145 million) in Singapore accounts, money from log exports, allegedly sitting in a bank account of a Papua New Guinea government figure and looked after by a “consortium” in that country;
  • Prime Minister allegedly not declaring his shareholding in Pacific Registry of Ships Ltd. The official registry showed Sir Michael is a shareholder “in trust for the Independent State of PNG”.
  • Prime Minister’s continued court actions to stop the Ombudsman Commission and the Public Prosecutor from performing their mandated duties on allegations of the Prime Minister not completing or providing annual returns since 1992.



  1. Anonymous11:21 AM

    Hi M,

    Very valid questions... and ones I believe the PNG people deserve answers to.

    I have this theory that if you "pile" enough of these type of allegations on top of each other - eventually the ones at the bottom of the heap get forgotten.

    I have a saying: "There was a time when the chiefs could be trusted - unfortunately that time has long since gone".


  2. Yes, indeed, Robert, these are very valid questions the PNG people want answers to.

    We want young, dynamic and transparent leaders for Papua New Guinea and not old relics of a bygone era.

    The time of chiefs has gone, now the Indians must arise.

  3. Anonymous12:23 PM


    The Taiwan issue should be seen in the angle of corruption, and not diplomacy. PNG recognises the One China Policy and that remains. Those politicians and others alledgly negotiated for our sovereignity should be dealth for corruption.

    Further more, the Taiwan Politics should not influence our foreign policy and domestic polity. Taiwan issue is a sensitive issue and when dealing with Taiwan, we must be mindful that its a province of China.

    But the important point is that Taiwan has been on its knee trying to buying poor developing countries.

    Now, the latest news out from Taiwan is that former President Chen Sui Bian invested and transfered millions of dollar to his private account in Australia.

    Thats the same culprit who had numerious trips to isolated and poor Pacific Island countries claiming that Taiwanese people are related to Polynesians given their blood relations. When it comes to nations sovereignity, we must not compromise.

    But I pray that those implicated in PNG should resign to save their face, the office they occupy and the country as a whole. This include the PM, Somare to resign.

    Mathew Yakai

  4. I don't know why Somare is covering them all up.


  5. Anonymous2:06 PM


    Somare is not a good leader. He should tell PNG why he got PNG independence that early and now he buys property in Australia. What did he have in mind when he was striving for independence. Is he a real chief? Should I see him as a chief?

    Does he love PNG?

    Mathew Yakai