Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Sick woman urgently needs help for medical treatment

THE family of a woman who has been diagnosed with a brain tumor is desperately appealing to the general public and business houses for financial assistance to cover her travel and medical expenses in Australia.
Forty-eight year old Rose Tapo (pictured)  of Pitylu Island in Manus province was diagnosed with brain tumor and needs urgent radiation therapy in Australia.
The family needs to raise K15, 000 to send her down to undergo radiation therapy for the total removal of the tumor.
A family member said that Rose was scheduled to travel down to Australia last   October and November but could not because of shortage of funds.
They have already started fundraising activities; however, funds are coming in very slowly.
The family is now appealing to the public to assist in whatever way they can whether it be money or donation of goods or items that can be sold to raise money.
Rose underwent surgery last July at the Port Moresby General Hospital but needs urgent medical treatment.
The mother of six has since lost her sight and can only recognise people by touching and listening to their voices.
If you would like assist in cash and kind, you can contact Ms Michaelyn Semio on phone (675) 6562180 or (675)3243239 and Mrs Linda Bitu on phone (675) 6888160 or (675) 3233555 or you can deposit funds into ANZ Boroko bank account# 13192914 named Ms Rose Tapo Medical Fund.Alternatively, you can contact me on email .


  1. Anonymous4:24 PM


    Just like other sick folks I come across from time to time requiring urgent medical attention overseas - Rose's case really saddens me.

    What saddens me even more is that decent, hard-working and genuine folks need to leave the shores of this country to get proper medical treatment.

    In addition to the sadness and empathy for these ill people - it angers me no end each time I hear stories of the PNG "big-men" (notice the "b" in "big-men" is a "little" "b") racing to their doctors in Australia or Singapore every time they sneeze or cough.

    Doesn't say much for our own Health System nor the "chaps" looking after things when a decent women such as Rose needs to go OS to get treated.

    I really feel for Rose and her family and sincerely hope that they are able to raise the required amount for airfares and medical help she needs and deserves.


    NB: She might like to look into an arm of Rotary called ROMAC (hint hint).

  2. Anonymous9:21 PM

    I am saddened by Rose situation. God shall help her in her recovery. God is great and can do things unimaginable.

    Mathew Yakai

  3. I am sure there are charitable organizations around the world that can help.

    If anyone knows pls alert Roses' contacts or Malum.

    I pray she may find some assistance soon