Thursday, January 15, 2009

Too small for the shoes

My youngest son Keith, 19 months old, loves to fill in my shoes whenever I get home from work.

A case in point was last night, when after worked, I got home so tired, took off my shoes, and lay on the floor.

Keith runs outside, puts his feet into my shoes, and comes striding into the house.

I reached out for my camera and took these shots before Keith, tired of the shoes, got out of them and walked over to me to ask for the camera.

So what can I say!

Like father, like son!


PS: Keith is the last of my four young children whom I’ve been looking after since the untimely and tragic death of my beloved wife, their mother Hula, last Easter Sunday.

 It’s been a challenge but my four young tyros give me all the more reason to strive for greater heights in life.



  1. Thanks for sharing Malum. I wish you the best with raising your kids.


  2. Thank you for your very supportive comments Steve.