Friday, January 30, 2009

Wewak petrol rationing

InterOil says it has been forced to re-introduce petrol rationing in Wewak as supplies of ULP (unleaded petrol) reach critically low levels.

Stocks have fallen to 9,000 litres which will be rationed to filling stations during the week.

The shortages follow a series of problems caused when seas swells damaged local port facilities in December.

The tanker previously used by InterOil for its bulk deliveries, will no longer berth at Wewak because of safety concerns on the part of the skipper.

This has meant smaller vessels, with less carrying capacity, have been used to bring in drummed supplies.

Recently, a shipment of 135,000 litres of bulk ULP was received at Wewak.

Normally this would have been enough to last for many weeks.

However the greater than anticipated demand following a long period of fuel shortages has seen stocks dwindle quickly.

InterOil Products Limited General Manager Peter Diezmann has assured consumers another shipment is due in within days.

“We are doing everything we can for our customers in Wewak and the surrounding district”.

“We’ve left no stone unturned to find ways to replenish supplies efficiently and quickly”, he said.

Supplementary stocks of ULP will be brought in from InterOil’s Lae and Madang Terminals. 

The tanker vessel is due in Wednesday and will be carrying 64,000 litres of ULP and 32,000 of Zoom.

A bulk shipment of ULP is due to arrive three days later.

Mr. Diezmann said that diesel fuel and kerosene are not subject to rationing at this stage.

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