Wednesday, February 04, 2009

InterOil Safety milestone

InterOil has achieved a major safety milestone for its operations throughout Papua New Guinea.

Figures just released show that at the end of January 2009 the company had notched up a total of more than 6-million man hours without a lost time injury (LTI).

InterOil President Bill Jasper says such a result would be the envy of any major industrial company anywhere in the world.

“It is a tribute to all our employees, particularly those involved in our health and safety programs”.

The figures show InterOil’s Port Moresby Refinery has operated for more than 2,400,000 man hours without an LTI.

In fact, the Refinery has never had a major safety incident since being commissioned.

 The company’s Exploration Division has also operated for more than 2-million man hours without safety incident. 

InterOil Products Limited, the company’s distribution arm, also boasts a flawless safety record totaling more than 1-point-7 million continuous man hours.

“The equation for our entire operation in PNG is more than 6-point-1 million safe and productive man hours”, Mr. Jasper said.

 Despite the impressive record to date, Mr. Jasper said that the Company and its workforce were not resting on their laurels.

“It is the responsibility of everyone involved in our operation from our most senior manager to our newest employee”.

“Safety doesn’t just happen”, Mr. Jasper said.

“It only comes about when everyone involved takes the safety message seriously and acts accordingly”.

“We put safety first and consider the health and well being of our people as paramount”.

“When we first established ourselves here we made a series of commitments to the nation and people of Papua New Guinea”.

“The most important of those commitments is to our workers and our environment”, Mr. Jasper said.

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