Saturday, February 07, 2009

'Papua New Guinea Made' by the Mainland Holdings Group

Mainland Holdings is a 100% Papua New Guinea national company, based in Lae and employing over 2, 000 people. The group of companies owned and operated by Mainland Holdings are uncompromisingly committed to quality in all our products and services:

Tablebirds chickens are raised in the Markham valley with 40% of production supplied by contracted small farmers. Recognised as the premier brand, Tablebirds products, processed in Lae, command over two-thirds of the frozen chicken market throughout PNG. Tablebirds also market poultry stock feed formulated to maximise performance of the day-old chicks used by Tablebirds and sold commercially for village production.

3 Roses Flour produced at the 7-Mile flour mill is the brand favoured by commercial bakers and increasingly by the housewife. The superior quality means bread, scones and cakes baked with 3 Roses guarantee great results. Nestle use 3 Roses exclusively in their PNG manufacture noodles and BNG Trading in their bakers’ pre-mixes.  

Mainland Crocodile Farm is the world’s largest and leading salt water crocodile farm. An essential part of the species and habitat preservation programme in the Sepik wetlands, the farm exports top grade crocodile skins to Hermes in Paris and Horiuchi Trading, who tan skins in Tokyo for premier Japanese fashion houses including Yamaguchi. The crocodile meat abattoir meets the exacting standards required to export to Australia and this top quality and healthy meat can now be found in PNG supermarkets.

The Mainland Coffee Division owns and operates coffee mills in Banz, Goroka and Lae and is the one of the top three coffee exporters through its 100% owned subsidiary, Niugini Coffee Tea & Spice. The Division is working with the Coffee Industry Corporation to improve export quality and small farmer incomes through training and extension, and through pursuing certification (Rainforest, Premium Smallholder, Fair Trade etc.).

In 2008, Mainland Holdings launched an initiative to revive flagging vanilla exports through the introduction of a rapid curing process. The process relieves the farmer of time consuming on farm processing with attendant risks to quality and acceptability by the customers. Market testing in Europe and the USA in 2008 confirmed the high quality and acceptability of the product manufactured in the pilot plant, full production facilities will be commissioned by mid 2009.

Territory Packaging, a 51% Mainland-owned subsidiary, is the leading innovator for packaging solutions in Lae. The company operates both flexible and woven polypropylene packaging manufacturing facilities offering high quality design, printing and manufacturing from start to finish at a ‘one stop shop’. As well as servicing major Lae customers (including Trukai, Coca-Cola, Nestle, Tablebirds, 3 Roses, Paradise Biscuits etc.), the woven polypropylene plant has a growing export customer base in Australia and the Pacific Islands.

 Two further divisions of Mainland Holdings provide essential services within the Group and to commercial customers:

ABCO Transport provides local and highway cartage, logistics and customs clearing services for key clients including Nestle, British American Tobacco, Coca-Cola as well as Tablebirds and 3 Roses Flour. Coffee cartage, handling and exporting on behalf of Mainland Coffee Division and several highland exporting companies is also a key part of transport and warehouse operations.

Huon Electrical provides a comprehensive electrical wholesale and contracting service from a base in Lae. The range of services extend to supply, installation, repair and servicing of electrical, electronic and refrigeration equipment, motor rewinding and  associated construction services. In addition, Huon Electrical undertakes preparation of CAD electrical and construction drawings, and project management services.

Huon Electrical is the Division coordinating mechanical and electrical maintenance for the Group’s manufacturing operations and also provides construction services for development projects.

Mainland Holdings, leaders and innovators in agribusiness, committed to quality in all we do.



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