Friday, February 06, 2009

Support Papua New Guinea Made Products

Few countries are as blessed with natural resources as Papua New Guinea.

Its largely mountainous terrain is swathed in dense tropical rainforest, the soil is rich for cultivation and the South Pacific waters off its coasts teem with fish.

Beneath the ground lies a wealth of minerals, including gold, silver and copper, and there is oil and natural gas awaiting exploitation.

It is a beautiful country too, one of the most biodiverse in the world with a dazzling variety of flora and fauna, insect and birdlife.

Yet while PNG is resource rich, it is cash poor, and 33 years after achieving independence from Australia – not very long in the life of a country – it still faces significant challenges of nationhood.

Poor transport infrastructure, law and order problems and a shortage of new investment are among the factors that have held back economic development.

New incentives must be aimed at triggering investment and growth including producing and marketing more ‘PNG Made’ Products.

There are many opportunities, but we need to create an awareness of the potential we have.

We must aggressively promote ‘PNG Made’ Products in such ways as holding international trade fairs and introduce ourselves first in the regional markets and then the bigger international markets.


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