Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Rev Dr Wesley Kigasung is remembered…one year on

ELCPNG and PNG flags soar high at Rev Dr Kigasung's grave. Picture by LUTHERAN INFORMATION CENTRE
Rev Somi Setu from ELCPNG Papua District at the grave of Rev Dr Kigasung. Picture by LUTHERAN INFORMATION CENTRE
Lutheran Information Center

A year after his passing, late Bishop Chief Rt Rev Dr Wesley Kigasung’s demeanors, wisdom, kind words and exemplary life as a mentor and a humb1e leader of 1.2 million Lutheran followers in Papua New Guinea is remembered.
This is not only within the Evangelical Lutheran Church of PNG, and throughout the country, but also by overseas partner churches in the USA, Australia, Germany, Canada and many more.
Uusually-sleepy Aluki village in Bukawa, Morobe province, sprang to life on Thursday, May 14 – first anniversary of Rev Dr Kigasung’s death – as the 17 ELCPNG district presidents, led by acting head bishop Rev Zau Rapa and general secretary Isaac Teo, joined people from Laulu Circuit in Jabem District.
Rev Rapa and Mr Teo unveiled the headstone.
Rev Zau Rapa described late Dr Kigasung as “selfless and a real role model”, who led by example, and whose good deeds and accomplishments had been written down in the hearts of many who knew him as a colleague and leader who would be remembered for a long time.
“Dr Kigasung was a man of unity,” he said.
“He lived by his words, bringing together people of different race, culture and ethnicity, using his vast experience and wealth of knowledge.
“Because of his hard work, we are now seeing all 17 districts of the church working in partnership with each other.”
Rev Rapa vividly remembers late Bishop Kingasung’s last words: “We should not waste time.
“We must continue to work hard regardless of whatever situations we are faced with.”
Using his predecessor’s pearls of wisdom, Rev Rapa urged the pastors, district presidents and office workers to work hard using their different gifts, skills, and knowledge for the glory of God.
“…department heads and staff should look forward and pray to God to give us another leader like late Dr Kigasung in the coming elections in 2010,” he said.

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