Tuesday, June 30, 2009


By ISAAC NICHOLAS in The National, Papua New Guinea’s leading daily newspaper


SIX suspects have been rounded up as police moved swiftly with bulldozers demolishing unlicenced liquor outlets and food stall from Erima Bridge to Five-Mile section of the Sir Hubert Murray Highway last Friday and Saturday.

Police, in a joint operation with PNG Power, NCDC and Eda Ranu, cut off illegal water and power connections while chainsaws were used to clear the rain trees, bananas and food gardens.

Almost 100 cartons of beer sold in unlicensed premises were confiscated by police as NCD metropolitan commander Chief Supt Fred Yakasa gave a stern warning to settlers to respect the laws or go back home to their village.

He also told the people that from now on, there would be no more sale, consumption of liquor and gambling along that stretch of road.

“My policemen will patrol these roads and they have been instructed to brukim lek na han (break legs and hands) of people caught breaking that order,” he warned.

Settlers gathered last Friday afternoon at Erima oval where Chief Supt Yakasa and his deputy Chief Insp Anderson Bawa appealed to them to hand in more than 10 people involved in the slaying of Dei MP Puri Ruing’s son and a relative last Wednesday night after the State of Origin II game.

Chief Supt Yakasa said six suspects had been taken in for questioning and appealed to the community to help surrender another 10-12 suspects still at large.

“Enough is enough. We have to do this operation to tell the people that there is law and people must have respect for the laws.” he said.

“I will continue to bulldoze illegal settlements. The Government now has a lot of money and what is a legal suit of K4 million compared to the lost of innocent lives.”

Chief Supt Yakasa said settlers had made illegal power and water connections and had been illegally selling alcohol for a very long time.

“What we are doing is to show you that your behavior and attitude is not accepted.”

He also commended Mr Ruing for not taking the law into his own hands and telling his people not to retaliate.

“Mr Ruing is a strong leader. I admire him and commend him for letting police handle the matter,” Chief Supt Yakasa said.

He also warned other settlements at Vadavada, Nine-Mile, Gerehu and Two-Mile Hill that police would move in and flush out people who harbour criminal elements.

He said police would move into Two-Mile Hill settlement on Wednesday and he would close all bus-stops along Two-Mile Hill where there have been numerous hold-ups and bag snatching from passengers.


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