Monday, June 01, 2009

Happy 2nd birthday, Keith Nalu

Happy 2nd Birthday to my third son, Keith 'Baby' Nalu Jr, who turns two years old today, Monday, June 01, 2009.
That is sadly without Mum, Hula, who left us so tragically in Easter 2008.
I love you son, and God Bless You as Your prepare to take your place in this wide, wide world.
Love from Dad, as well as big brothers Malum Nalu Jr, Gedi, and sister Moasing, plus family and friends in Daru, Lae, Goroka, Papua New Guinea, Australia and the world.


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  2. Happy Birthday to Keith Nalu :)

    Bro, I know it's tough to raise kids as a single parent. My sister passed 2 years ago and her husband remarried leaving three of her kids with mom who lost her husband (my dad) early in May. Life is full of struggles, toils, and snares but kids are a precious gift from God and you and I are his stewards so lets give the best care and love they need.

    May you find joy in taking care of them and God's immense blessings.


    Michigan, USA

  3. Thanks so much for your kind thoughts David. Yes, life has been hard as a single parent, but with God's blessings, and once you put your mind to it, nothing is impossible. I find so much joy in being with my kids. Thanks once again and God Bless you and family in America real good.