Sunday, July 26, 2009

Goroka Market today

Above are pictures of fresh vegetables on sale at Goroka Market in the
Eastern Highlands this morning, which I visited before flying back to Port
It's one of the better markets in the country with garden-fresh produce
which visitors like me scoop up before flying out.
I might add, as a footnote, that the Air Niugini Dash 8 which I flew on back
to Port Moresby was chock-a-block with bags of fresh vegetables.
I'm going to have a nice vegetable dinner tonight!


  1. really appreciated seeing all your highland pics - especially the highway which we'll be heading up sometime around the weekend of the 15th of August

    leaving the UK tomorrow and we'll contact you from Cairns... still hoping we can get together in Moresby

  2. Thanks John. It was a great five days in Western Highlands, Simbu and Eastern Highlands provinces. Do keep in touch.