Monday, July 20, 2009

My Soul Mate

Received this lovely poem from my good friend Michelle today and she says it’s okay to share with all you wonderful people from around the world




Twinkle in my eye,

Heart skips a beat,

I Smile from within

My Laughter echoes

The joy I have since we crossed paths.


I see you in my sleep

Even when I am very awake.

The very thought of you

Makes me smile all over.


I anxiously await you,

For our quality time however brief

Attaches an ounce, I so very much

am yearning for.


Our conversations,

A window to my soul

And yet a very down trodden glimpse

Of my inner being.


I have in you;

My shoulder to cry on

Warmth for shelter,

A reason to smile.

You don’t need to say or do more

You are my soul mate.



  1. Nice one Malum, perhaps a new chapter in your life?

  2. We shall see, we shall see, my good friend

  3. Cheers Malum, You would know as well as many a man, that the road we travel in life is not always smooth and sealed like the Highlands Hwy... sometimes, the weather can pot hole your progress, sometimes the road we walk is like the old Bundi Mission Hwy, pretty, serene and peaceful at times, and at other times, it looks like the whole thing is sliding down a mountain. Take care Malum.