Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Who is the "State", "Crown"

Some thoughts.
 The Member for North Fly must be commended for the introduction of the Bill to  repeal the "State" to Resources Owners..
I fully support this Cause.  It has great spiritual implication in breaking down the great imperial oppression. of the colonial "covenants" signed in blood in the corridors of London (Kings/Queens) and European empires.
 Political will must be prayed for so that break  through comes.  So we see real wealth transfer...This is a spiritual fight against principalities and powers that rule the mid-airs and kingdoms.  These are ancient rulers.  they have to bow down..
Ps Bapa
 I support the issue now before the Parliament for the "Resources ownership" and the legal transfer from the strong wicket Colonial "State" which refers to the British Crown and its Empire days. 
The days when land and assets including oil, gold, gas was locked up by imperilists and "discovereiers", who claimed it for the "Crown" or the "King/Queen" of the Eurpoean empires in the last 200-300 years. 
 "State" is an age old colonial terminology that was written by clever and greedy who built the European Empires and kingdoms to possess, imprison and steal from inhabitants of the colonies.Since the British empire days, the "Crown", the "State" under British Laws, passed to PNG through the Australian law system, which PNG adopted has been engrained in the legal system, denying the basic rights to property, especially the land and its resources.  
The colonization process brought the colonies and nations into subjection and bondage, being denied their rights.  Thus ownership of any thing under six feet belongs to the "State". 
 This includes the our Seas and the vast Ocean bed.Who is the "State"?  Who is the "Crown"? 
Our lawyers can tell us all about this in details.  From a laymen's view, we have all along been doped to think this nation and its people, the resources are governed by the Papua New Guinean leaders. 
 We are not. 
The "State", represented by the Governor Generals Office, a puppet of the British empire, who have interest over all our resources and our mother land. 
So they can dictate who comes in at what terms and steal our resources. 
They own 90-95 and dig up every thing and leave us all buried in our vomit with alcohol and cheap services for a season. 
After 30 plus years of Independence our schools have good to worse, our health services have crumble to decay, our roads are riddled with pot holes all over the nation, our air-strips have closed down, our agriculture stations have had culivation of weed and grass. 
 And here we are talking about a Billion Dollar LNG project.
The "State", if it were "by the people for the people", our politicians would hear the pleas of our grass roots people now.  Futhermore they built the land law with  "99 years land lease agreement" to tie the land to the colonial masters, until all the land owners are dead and gone. 
By then, they declare its "Sate" property. 
The question again.
Who is the "State"? 
They got the prime land  under the 99 years land lease.
This is a strategic amendment the leaders of the nation will debate and do the right thing by voting for repealing the word "State" and repalcing it with resource owners. 
History needs to be re-written, so our future generation will honour and love us for.  Other-wise the blood of our future generations will be on the hands of our leaders and Law makers today.  Our grand sons and daughters of tomorrow will look back and curse the bones of the leaders of today, if the ultimate transfer and repealing of the words "State" is not repealed.

 Bapa Bomoteng

Concerned Citizen

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