Monday, August 24, 2009

Debate on major issues not trivial matters: Aihi

Kairuku-Hiri MP Paru Aihi wants debates on issues of Papua New Guinea’s national importance to be intelligent and informative to help policy planners and law makers to reach final decisions for the good and well being of the majority citizens.

Mr Aihi said he has noted with much interest that in recent times there had been much public debate on many pressing issues and concerns affecting PNG and its citizens.

“Since the abrupt adjournment of Parliament on July 29 2009, I’ve followed with keen interest the debate particularly on whether the current Somare-Temu Government should remain in office or be removed,” he said.

“Leaders and people of all walks of life have voiced their concerns about this issue.

“My concerns are that leaders, particularly members of Parliament, should focus and concentrate their debates on major issues and things that matter.

“We should not waste our time, talents and treasure on petty and trivial matters of personal nature, like political and business cronies jumping quickly to defending their mentors when criticised for non-performance or lack of it.

“Instead, we should be debating on more-pressing issues such as endemic corruption that is ravaging PNG, breakdown and open defiance of the rule of law, misuse of public funds, deteriorating state of basic services PNG-wide and the poor delivery of vital government services.

“These are real and critical issues affecting our people.

“We need to be focused and discuss intelligently how best we can contribute to finding the best solutions to our problems.

“Our decision must be based on well-informed advice in our endeavours to resolving issues and problems that confront us.”

Mr Aihi also urged the leaders and the general public to refrain from making personal attacks on leaders and spreading false rumours because such would not do anyone any good.

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