Monday, August 03, 2009

The little house in the valley

Real estate is set to boom in the great Wahgi Valley of the new Jiwaka province between now and 2012 when it gains full provincial status.
While agriculture will, naturally, be the economic backbone, real estate is another, given the large tracts of fertile land all over the valley.
One man having his eyes set on real estate in Jiwaka is Peter Irai, owner of a neat little house in the valley, at Kurumul Tea, nestled between north and south Wahgi under perennial springtime climate.
It’s less than 100m from the main Highlands Highland, next to Marban Coffe Plantation, Kudjip market and very close to Jiwaka’s urban centres of Minj and Banz.
All kinds of comfort in the valley.
The medium-covenant house has four bedrooms, a concrete floor, kitchen, shower and flush toilet.
Water flows into the house through an electric pump.
 Bedding, tables, chairs and kitchen facilities are provided.
Then there’s a television set to provide icing to the cake.
There is also an external haus kuk (kitchen) with electricity provided.
“The property is situated in a peaceful community where the landlord and community at large care for the welfare, safety and enjoyable living of our tenants, which has always been the case here,” Mr Irai says.
Previous tenants have been the Evangelical Brotherhood Church (EBC) and Digne Trading.
The Coffee Industry Corporation is now leasing the house for its extension officers who are out on patrol in the vast Wahgi Valley.

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