Sunday, August 30, 2009

What is the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Papua New Guinea's position on the American vote of homosexuals as pastors?

Isaac Teo

Church Secretary

Evangelical Lutheran Church of Papua New Guinea

P O Box 80



Reference is made to the American Lutheran Church stand and vote of homosexual clergy to practice and serve in congregations.

 Sir, what would be the ELCPNG position and stand regarding the issue of "same sex marriage" and "ordained practicing Pastors or Church workers" homosexuals serving or to serve in ministry in PNG?

 The news has raised concerns at different quarters among the young Lutherans and the elites.  Majority may not know, they will not understand what may be happening in and around the world.

 Some suggestions have been put forward by different people, whom I have contacts with:

  1. What is the official position of the ELCPNG regarding this issue, approved by the American Lutheran Church?
  2. Can the Bishops Office or the Church Council make a statement?
  3. Can Lutheran Melanesian theologians provide guidance and direction in this issue?
  4. Where are we in regard to LOPC partnership work with ALC?  Can we ELCPNG continue to be partners with this gross un-biblical compromise?
  5. Is ELCPNG going to accommodate and be part of ALC which has voted for and passed what the Bible would declare an "abominable sin"?
  6. Can this issue be taken up in the Synod as an Agenda and a formal statement and stand be made to LWF?

Does ELCPNG still hold onto: Christ Tasol, Bible Tasol, Marimari tasol, Bilip tasol?  Are we going to compromise one of these pillars?

 What will our followers say?  What will the next generation of Lutherans lay their faith and trust on?

 These are some concerns being circulated by young Lutherans in PNG.

 We would appreciate you clarification and light is shed to this concerns. 

 Other wise a non-response, non-action, blind turn will mean our Leaders are in agreement and accepting a teaching or practice that is forbidden by the Bible.


Thank you.

On Behalf of Concerned Lutherans (ELCPNG)



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