Monday, October 05, 2009

More pictures of Goroka from the 1970s

Bicycle tin rims and dress in Goroka. Pictures by former Goroka resident BRIAN WILSON at
Cooking scones at Goroka market
Display of tomatoes, corn, onions and pineapples
Dok kaikai man (do eats everybody) is written on the sign at the corner of the house
Flour at Goroka market
Goroka airport from lookout
Goroka from Minogere, a suburb of Goroka. Notice the airport runway to the left
Goroka highland meris with Christmas decor in 1971
Goroka market from entrance with two men circa 1971
Goroka market in 1971. Kaukau, corn, peanuts for sale
Goroka market kaukau and bananas
Goroka market loaded meris
Gumi race along the Asaro River when people would dress up in silly costumes and float down the river
Honda motorbikes in Steamships Hardware
Jumbo, the elephant from sydney zoo, performing tricks in Goroka in 1972
Local pikininis near Goroka High School
Local residences near Goroka High School. Note the outhouse in the centre of the picture
Locals at drinking fountain
More from the Goroka Saturday market
Pineapples, lemons, peanuts for sale
Saturday afternoon at West Goroka
Saturday at West Goroka
The road up and to the right led straight into the hospital
The under roof portion of the Saturday Goroka market
Unloading people from trucks at Goroka market
Walking to Goroka market on a Saturday

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