Sunday, October 04, 2009

Postcards from Goroka from the 1970s

Goroka airport TAA and Ansett Fokker F27s in 1971.All pictures by former Goroka resident BRIAN WILSON at

Turner and Davey Electrical (TDE) store in West Goroka
Goroka Pharmacy and shopping centre in downtown in 1971
Another picture of the downtown of Goroka in 1971Goroka post office
Boroko Motors Goroka with Nissan, Datsun and Ford vehicles in 1971
A truck full of people in West Goroka on Saturday.These trucks would come into town carrying many people that wanted to buy or sell at the Goroka Saturday market
Expatriate residence. Government officials and expatriates lived in nice houses with cars, gates, flowers, green lawns and plumbing while the natives lived in grass huts and outhouses
Goroka Base Hospital, 1971
Goroka Hotel public bar
Goroka Zokozoi Hotel
Swimming pool at Minogere Hotel
Goroka market price board, with vegetables depicted selling at 10 cents (this was 1972)
Highlands meris at Goroka market in 1971 contrasted by Westernised locals


  1. I lived in Goroka from 76-80 and loved it. Thanks for the images.
    I lived near the Hospital in a commonwealth house, but I cant think of the name of the street. I spent time in the hospital with burns and I remember caters would buy a side of beef for the patients. The intermediate wards would get the better cuts of meat and the general wards would get the rest. Still at least everybody got decent meals

  2. Hi Nancy. I was a child in Goroka from 1975-1977 so we may have bumped into each other then. Goroka then was such a nice place with so many Australians and other expats. I was also there with my late wife Hula from 1998-2002. Goroka has and will always be close to my heart. I will post more pictures and write more on Goroka.


  3. Hi Malum,

    I lived in Goroka for a few months in 1978 (before that my family lived in Mt Hagen for several years). I would love to see more photos if you have them, these are so evocative, for some reason we have almost no photos of our time in Goroka and my memories are blurry. I wonder how much the place has changed.

    Thanks for posting these.