Sunday, December 20, 2009

Achieve Your Goals With the After Action Review

Seven Steps that Can Change Your Life

Several years ago, Gary Ryan Blair discovered an important strategy that has allowed him, and his clients--which include Fortune 500 companies and top athletes--, to continually improve their performance every year. It's called an After Action Review (AAR), and it's all about leveraging knowledge and experience.
The vast majority of people don't learn all they can from their accomplishments and from their mistakes. To experience consistent growth you need to identify every nugget of knowledge your past performance offers and leverage it for all it's worth.
If you want to be at the top of your game you absolutely must review, analyze, and learn from what has already happened. Begin right now by performing an AAR of what took place in 2009 so that you can make the most of 2010.
Seven Steps That Can Change Your Life
There are seven steps in the AAR process, and you must begin implementing the ideas that you are about to generate immediately.
Step 1. Identify Your Three Greatest Accomplishments In 2009
Step 2. Analyze What You Learned from Each Accomplishment
Step 3. Identify Your Biggest Disappointments Of 2009
Step 4. Analyze What You Learned from Each Failure or Disappointment
Step 5. Identify How You Limited Yourself and How Can You Stop It
Step 6. Pragmatically Review the Information You Have Gathered
Step 7. Use This Information to Astonish Yourself in 2010
Once you've uncovered all this useful information, the final step is to incorporate it into a plan for 2010. You can do this by following Gary's program called "The Personal Strategic Plan".
"The Personal Strategic Plan" is a life changing program that will show you exactly how to adapt powerful strategic planning methods from Corporate America to your own life. If you want to perform better than you have in the past and to achieve more than you have so far, you have to make sure that what you do today will move you closer to your dreams.
It's easy to get started right away: just click here and in just a few minutes you'll have the entire plan at your fingertips. Be sure to check out the hundreds of testimonials about Gary and his amazing program.


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