Monday, December 21, 2009

Bulolo farmers get a boost

The happy graduands with Bulolo MP Sam Basil (second right) and DAL Momase Director Masayan Moat (far left)

The trainees prepare a cow for their graduation feast as part of their skills training

Story and picture by SOLDIER BURUKA of DAL
The success in the delivery of agricultural services at the district and local level government (LLG) levels depends on capacity building.
With more emphasis on development in the districts particularly at the ward level there is more demand on manpower, training, infrastructure, funding and other requirements.
A rural development officer working in the Buang LLG in the Bulolo district of Morobe Province, Tuwut Kole, made the remarks during a graduation ceremony for six officers and 14 farmers.
The two-week trainer’ training programme in goat, duck, cattle, buffalo and sheep production was sponsored by Bulolo MP Sam Basil and conducted at the Department of Agriculture and Livestock Erap Resource and Development Centre near Lae.
Mr Kole said the training had been beneficial to the participants who looked forward to passing on the knowledge and skills they have learnt to other agriculture staff and farmers.
“These kinds of refresher courses are helpful for those working and living in the rural communities,” he said.
“We look forward to carrying out work programmes in supporting agriculture activities at the LLG wards but we need more support in terms of capacity – we need increased manpower, funding and other resources.”
He said the capacity at the district level needed to be improved to enable the officers to provide assistance to current and new farmers.
Bulolo district administrator Nimson Kibisep agreed that it was a big challenge for the district staff and urged them to be committed in carrying out their duties.
A farmer from Wau, Sanik Kawena, said the farmers appreciated the training and would utilise the knowledge and skills gained to help themselves and others in the community.
Officer-in-charge of the DAL Erap centre, Ario Movis, and DAL Momase regional director, Masayan Moat, said the department was happy to provide agricultural technical services to enable the smallholder village farmers to benefit and improve their livelihood.
The department will continue to support the rural population in promoting food security and livestock provided funding was made available.
They commended the Bulolo MP for allocating funding to enable the training programme to be carried out.
Similar training is being planned for the future.

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  1. Poor cow, at least they killed for feeding and not for fun like many SOBs that kill animals just for the fun of it.