Sunday, December 27, 2009

In defence of Regi Renagi

From PAUL OATES in Queensland, Australia

Anonymous said...

Reg Renagi writes about everything and nothing and long ago turned himself into the sourest grape who should not be given serious consideration. This man carries a huge chip on his shoulders against people who succeed in life or outmanouvre him. He also carries a equally huge hangover from his less than colorful military tenure. Get real, Reggie Boy.

Paul Oates said...
While Reg's military career is a matter of the past, his comments appear to many to be a very pertinent view on PNG today. They provide an excellent perspective on his country after 34 years of PNG Independence. They also appear to be based in fact. So when the issue of reality is considered, one must logically ponder on just who is in the REAL world and who is off in one of their own fantasy? Err.. Wouldn't you agree Mr Anonymous? At the very least, Reg has the guts to make his comments public under his own name. That's more than the person who made these comments about Reg is prepared to do. It therefore begs the question of why?


  1. Soldia Hahine10:16 AM

    Who's this Anonymous twit anyway? This is someone who has no real clue about what he is saying.

    Reg had a very distinguished military career in his country's military. He served it well and his achievements are plenty and contributed a lot to the development and growth of the PNGDF with other good senior officers who have now left the services. He is one of the best trained and former professional defence force officer.

    Anonymous is just jealous of what Reg writes and won't have the guts to offer constructive criticisms for readers of this fine blog. He does not say what he's complaining about in what Reg writes.

    Be a man Mr. Anonymous and identify yourself now so we can see what your beef is. What is your problem Anonymous? You are the one with a big chip on your shoulders for someone writing to generate good discussions on what to do in future to make PNG a better place with its leaders doing the right thing.

    I am sure Reg is reading this blog and waiting to pounce on you the moment you identify yourself so he can take you to task on any multi-facetted topics.

    Mr. Anonymous you will never outmanouvre Reg, many have tried and failed; he's one of the best ships's captain around. If you really know him well than you would appreciate his colourful naval and military career in the PNGDF. He is a very well read person than his many peers and those senior to him in the military.

    Get real Anonymous. Try saying something constructive than put other people down when you have no idea who they are.

  2. Jim Loi3:20 PM

    What a coward Mr. Anonymous is to say something bad about someone that he does not personally know. He is just jealous of what Reg wrote about the failed Copenhagen conference but had nothing really positive to contribute for our blog readers.

    Anonymous should hang his silly head in shame. He should be forewarn now that if he identifies himself then Reg Renagi will directly take him on and outmanoueve him many times over with his hands tied behind his back. Your silly comments about Reg is way of the mark and rightly out of your depth to make those remarks. They have no good bearing at all to the fine comments he makes about the Copenhagen climate meet.

  3. Grace Motu3:30 PM

    I support Paul Oates and others comments in defence of Reg. I would just ignore Mr. Anonymous silly remarks as they are very shallow and contributes nothing to the good comments Reg makes on the recent failed Copenhagen climate change conference.

    I always enjoy Reg's comments on anything he writes about as they are very applicable to PNG and its people. Keep writing Reg and more interesting stuff in 2010.

  4. Motu Hahinena1:52 PM

    Enjoy reading some of Reg Renagi and Paul Oates comments so let's have some more in 2010.

    Can we have something on matters of security which I am sure Reg is an sort of expert here as the PNG government has all but gone to sleep in this vital development area.

    Happy New Year to all our readers of Malum Nalus's blog.

    Gabiai lau itaimu.

  5. REGfan@DWU, Madang8:27 AM

    Get real Mr Anonymous, write something constructive rather than critizing Reg.