Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Don't blame the pilot, say plane crash victims' kin

RELATIVES of the victims of last month’s tragic aeroplane crash in Boana, Morobe province have slammed their relatives and Morobe Governor Luther Wenge’s media outburst against pilot and airline owner Richard Leahy, The National reports.

Relatives who came from Baindoang, Bombom, Karau, Kasanombe and Mo’oom villages to mourn the dead said Mr Wenge’s outburst as “emotional bearing self interest and meaningless” to gain political mileage “without the consent of the relatives”.

Mr Wenge, who is a first cousin of the mother who perished with her three daughters and two grand children, has called for the arresting, charging, and deportation of Capt Leahy.

“The accident was waiting to happen,” said Mega Naio, father of one of the deceased Jacinta.

Jacinta was with her aunt Dambi Kindi and her daughters and grandchildren on the fateful flight.

 “Capt Leahy dedicated and risked his entire life flying over the Finisterre and Sarawaged ranges for more than 30 years,” he said.

“Capt Leahy committed himself in the name of providing services to remote hinterland Nawaeb and Kabwum districts.”

Mr Naio said it was time Mr Wenge and Nawaeb MP and Public Accounts Committee chairman Timothy Bonga improved road services or “purchased an aeroplane and improved rundown airstrips to link the areas to the outside world”.

“It was Mr Leahy who solely ventured into small airstrips providing services to improve livelihood of inland communities,” he said.

He flew into rundown airstrips like Kasanombe, Baindoang, and Zinange in Nawaeb and Teptep, Lowai and Sapmanga in Kabwum.

“The plane has crashed and we are left without any means of receiving services,” said another relative.

“We are praying for the recovery of Capt Leahy; but are still in the dark whether he will return to provide us services again.”


  1. bernard oberleuter - Australia8:49 PM

    Can Luther Wanker sorry Wenge provide the air services/void by Capt Richard Leagh, who has been flying in and out of these subdistricts when the wanker was still in kimbies... what insult and the tenancity to asked for the removal for a pioneer pilot who has devoted and dedicated his life to providing a service to the people of Morobe sub-districts... ddoes he think for a moment that the aircraft flies on free fuel, does he know the cost of maintaining an aircraft, no matter how old they are, look at the DC3's we use to have, God only knows, how long they have been flying throughout PNG... Where has The Wanker delivered adequate funding to improve infrastructure, and services to the very people, who he lied to vote him into politics...any fool can see that he is making mountains over mole hills, and creating a smoke screen to cover up for his own inefficiencies... WHAT ABOUT THE LAE ROADS>>> Governor Wanker, when will they be upgraded, and properly sealed for ever... You give the City of Lae a bad name... you selfish uncooth man... Your days are number, people in your electorate will wake up to your maus wara...

  2. Anonymous11:53 AM

    Totally agree with you Bernard. Lae and Morobe province are now in their worst-ever state because of Luther 'Mauswara' Wenge - the biggest conman in Papua New Guinea. He has to go!