Sunday, January 17, 2010

Latest pictures of Port Moresby's building boom

New Gateway Hotel Conference Centre and apartments at Seven-Mile

Kenmaiti Fried Chicken joint at the new Steamships commercial centre in Gordon

Work starts on Ela Vista on Touaguba Hill overlooking Ela Beach

Long-established Windward Apartments overlooking Ela Beach with Manuabada Island in the distance

Signboard at Ela Beach Hotel redevelopment

Work at Ela Beach Hotel

Ela Beach Hotel suites signboard

Gateay Hotel, Seven Mile

Gateway Hotel Conference Centre and apartments project signboard

Gateway Hotel Conference Centre as seen from the front gate of the hotel

Took a drive around Port Moresby this morning and here are more pictures of just a few of the many new buildings mushrooming all over the city.

Port Moresby's right now in the midst of an unprecedented building and construction boom.


  1. Hi Malum,

    I just love this piece of news! So uplifting on a Sunday afternoon. Really exciting developments in the city. Please provide some figures on employment figures. I'm curious to know if such a boom will benefit everyone from unskilled labourers to technocrats and ordinary PNG citizens through employment and job creation. I am also curious to know if the cost of accommodation is going to go down as more beds and living space become available as a direct result of this building boom.

    Thank you for the pics too.


  2. Hi Mari, indeed, a lot of exciting developments and jobs being createdm, however, the sad thing is that the average PNG worker can no longer afford a house. I'll be posting a story on that so keep watching.


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