Thursday, February 04, 2010

Papua New Guinea's new kid on the blog

My longtime journalist mate Makalai Bel, based with the National Broadcasting Commission in Goroka, has just up his own blog which should add to news and views from that part of the country.

“Having graduated from UPNG as a journalist in 1980, I covered Gulf, Madang, National Capital District and took short weeks to months assignments of Fly, Simbu and Western Highlands province on news coverage duties,” he writes.

Eastern Highlands is the longest coverage area since 1985.

“It is here that I really developed my skills in news writing, news production and publishing, moving from a manual type-writer in the 80's.

“By 90's bought my own electric typewriter and a word processor, and upward on to a computer to write and publish a community newsletter in 1992.

“Fascinated by computers, have taught myself almost everything about computers, desk-top publishing, internet and email and now having hands-on try on opening my own blog.”

Welcome to the fast-growing PNG Blogosphere, Makalai, which is having a big impact as an alternate and independent source of news and views from the country.




  1. Hi Malum,

    Thanks for this exciting piece of news. I look forward to Makalai's posts.

    Have a great evening.


  2. Reginald Renagi12:14 PM

    Congratulations to Makalai Bel for creating a new PNG related blog in cyberspace. Can't wait to check it out. Keep up the good work.

  3. Hi Malum, Mari & Reginal,

    firstly, thank you one and all for noticing BerlLinks blog, it was like they say, a trial & error to get a hands-on experience of this latest cyber space geek...It's still in the infancy stages..keeping in mind Robert Schiltz caution that Blogs die quickly as they pop up...
    Now that Mari & Reginald, two great people, who I respect for what they are and how they express their independent thoughts in the mass media, I have all the reason to keep my blog postings uptodate and newsy....

    Thanks deep down for your support you great people...