Thursday, February 25, 2010

'You can't fail with coffee'


Imagine if there was no coffee in the Highlands of Papua New Guinea.

People would not have a stable activity to keep them on their land, and lawlessness would be rife and out of control.

The coffee crop has given people a reason to celebrate, a reason to boast, a reason for peace and a reason to life.

The Coffee Curriculum has again added more meaning to the crop.

Equipping students with coffee farming skills and knowledge is equivalent to equipping students with skills for life.

“No student can fail to become a farmer,” CIC board director James Korarome said while talking on the importance of the curriculum and its benefit to students, schools and the economy.

He said this during the launching of the Coffee Curriculum School Nursery Programme Aiyura, Eastern Highland province.

The programme will be established in all pilot schools in the Western Highlands, Eastern Highlands, Simbu, Morobe and East Sepik provinces.

Mr Korarome added the curriculum was an opportunity presented to students who may not make it through the education system.

Representative of the National Education Department, Mordecai Baine, said PNG was moving into an “exciting phase” with the curriculum.

Mr Baine, a strong advocate of technical education, said the innovative Coffee Curriculum was promising the national vision of “a happy, healthy, wealthy society” to students.

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