Monday, March 29, 2010

National Court commended for Ramu nickel mine decision



Congratulations to the Madang National Court for being the listening ears for the silent majority.  The National Court in Madang did justice to put on hold the tailing of waste into deep Bismack seas.  They should enforce a permanent stop order!

The giant Ramu nickel project got its okay for construction almost on a golden plate (almost 80-90%) Chinese owned. PNG got peanuts in ownership.  The deal looked funny and not right right from the start, as there may have been hidden players and gainers, as is the game with some Asians deals.

 Every people group along the coast and the Islands of Madang, Raikos, Karkar, Rooke Is, Umboi, Manam Is and Wasu should be speaking out. What pollution and waste dumping will do to marine life is unpredictable.   Look at 40-50 years from now when the nickel has been plundered out of Ramu.  What will be left there after?  Ghost towns, half-castes, polluted rivers and the sea bed?  Nauru Island went through a time of prosperity.  What has happened to it now?  Where it is on the map after the phosphate is gone?

 Look at what Rio Tinto did for the Panguna rivers and the Arawa Bay in Bougainvile.  Look at what OK Tedi has done for Fly River bed and the Western with its sedimentation and the waste dumping.  Look where Misima Mines is right now.  Look at the open cut and giant operations in Lihir.

 Madang people need to stand united here and protect the "Beautiful Madang", the tourist destination. And for the sake of the generations in the future, protect the environment, our flora, the fauna and the marine life.


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