Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Wall is coming down Gooding



THE STORY, “Ramu mine work halted”, (Post-Courier, Wednesday, March 24, 2010 p.31) is wall now exposed. Time was when miners hid behind the wall from reach of landowners. The game is shifting. Landowners will bring down the wall. That wall and its Waigani legal eagles will soon be laid bare.

Plot World Bank and European Union had leaders did not know. Mineral Resources Authority (MRA) is very dangerous for PNG. No lawyer of Government had wanted truth known.

When I raised serious constitutional legal issues in September and October 2006 with the Government’s Law Office it was enough to get their arrogance ignited. Little did they know about MRA. Mole MRA planted in Justice Department was a politically devious lawyer from Wakunai. Rest Wakunai leader wanted hidden. No more and MRA is wandering leaderless already.

Many truths about MRA are out. National Alliance (NA) Party leadership struggles is a result of MRA withdrawing mining powers on Bougainville from the Autonomous Bougainville Government (ABG). Hopeless and powerless on Bougainville MRA plotted removal of Paul Tiensten. MRA played off NA leaders to hide its sin.

At Kainantu Barrick Gold acquired Highlands Pacific’s interest to shut the mine. MRA has not raised an eye.

At no time and place has MRA acted for PNG people. Ramu mine is worse. It wanted Somare and his leadership to be openly challenged. Looking at lot of abusive and derogatory articles on the internet blogs for Ramu mine and crime and corruption in PNG tells a lot about MRA. It has not answered any of these articles for the leadership of Somare.

Gooding is last person to know about MRA it seems. No miner including Highlands Pacific has challenged my view that MRA is a counterfeit regulator of mines. MRA is unconstitutional and was operating illegally. It has no legal standing and competence to do anything lawful. For Ramu mine this means MRA had no lawful authority and worse no legal competency to approve mine construction in about June/ July 2007. Highlands Pacific, like the Ramu mine manager and operator, has no code of ethics to have let the Government know about this basic and fundamental legal flaw.

Law on MRA is unconstitutional. MRA is now exposed. Miners will regret working with MRA. And ignorance of law is no excuse. Knowingly supporting breach of law and worse constitutional law is reckless.

Gooding, how do you fare?


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