Thursday, April 08, 2010

Men face court over missing Vision 2050 office equipment

THE ordinary Papua New Guinean is interested in seeing good education and health services today, rather than in 30-50 years time, Deputy Chief Justice Gibbs Salika said, The National reports.

 “We are dreaming (of what will happen in 50 years time) while our people continue to suffer from lack of basic services which they need immediately to better themselves,” he said.

Justice Salika made this comment in relation to Vision 2050 and the current dispute by those involved in its formulation.

The National Planning Committee Secretariat consisting of Dr Vele Ila’ava, Andrew Kavana, Westly Nukundj and Ralph Yamb were in court after allegedly stealing office equipment from the Vision 2050 office.

They refuted the allegations, saying they were moving offices as their rental of the office space at the Waigani IPA campus had expired.

“Surely, we can resolve this dispute without fighting over these things,” Justice Salika told the parties.

He adjourned the matter to this morning for the alternative dispute resolution to be effected.




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