Saturday, May 29, 2010

Highlands Agricultural College pig farm a success

Highlands Agricultural College deputy principal and livestock lecturer Sam Imine checks out piglets (above) and pigs (below) in the piggery.


The piggery section at the Highlands Agricultural College has become a successful model farm.
According to the deputy principal and lecturer in livestock, Sam Imine, the piggery section had seen a lot of improvements this year compared to the past.
Imine said students were given practical training in all aspects of raising pigs.
They are also taught cost-effective ways of producing feed from local ingredients and imported feed.
Students learn practical ways related to weaning to break-in stages.
Imine said the piggery unit, whilst supplying pork to the mess, also met the needs of the current course in certificate in agriculture farming.
Due to the success, the college is planning to conduct short courses for farmers in pig feed formulation and mixing to cope with current demand for piggery training.
There is big demand for weaners but the college cannot supply the numbers.
It has 10 sows and wants to increase the number to 20 by end of this year.
Imine said students were appreciative of what they were learning in the livestock component of the training programme.
The college has the potential to boost the piggery section as part of promoting food security in the region.
HAC is PNG’s premier in-service training institution managed by the Department of Agriculture and Livestock and that has produced well over 2,300 PCD graduates and another 1,500 trainees on short specialised training courses, which is a significant achievement.
Many Pacific Island students have also attended this college.

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