Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Prime Minister will not quit

THE National Alliance will not force its leader, Sir Michael Somare, out of office because of pressure from non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and the opposition, party president Simon Kaiwi said yesterday, The National reports.

The prime minister has, in recent times, faced a number of calls from prominent individuals, NGOs and the opposition to step down over a number of issues.

Some commentators and writers of letters to the editor had used the resignation of Kevin Rudd as prime minister and leader of the Australian Labor Party (ALP) to renew their call for Sir Michael to step down.

But Kaiwi said the party would follow the law in deciding change in its leadership, and this would  not happen at the whims of others.

He said just like what happened with Labor, a change of leadership at NA would also be decided by the party and, at this stage, the party still supported the leadership of Sir Michael.

“This government is adhering to the principles of democracy as stipulated by the PNG Constitution on the process of electing leaders to Parliament and the subsequent formation of government that follows.

“Sir Michael fulfilled all these criteria that saw his re-election as prime minister in 2007.

“Therefore, his removal from office will follow the processes stipulated in our Constitution and not by manipulative NGOs and the opposition outside of our democratic processes,” Kaiwi said in a statement.

He said there were rules that guide the conduct in PNG’s democracy and any change of government must follow these procedures and processes.

“If we abuse these processes to remove duly-elected leaders, we can hold ourselves responsible for the type of anarchy that may result.”

He welcomed Julia Gillard as the new ALP leader and first woman prime minister of Australia.

“The National Alliance and its coalition partners strongly supported the representation of women in Parliament and are happy to see that Australia now has, for the first time, a woman prime minister.

“The National Alliance continues to support women candidates during the general elections and, recently, despite the unsuccessful outcome through its support behind the vote to nominate women to Parliament.”



  1. Weast1:27 PM

    Mr Kaiwi,

    what happened with the Aust Labor Party is that they LISTENED to the voice of the people. The party saw that popular opinion had been against MR Rudd since he back-flipped on ETS, this was further cemented by the Mining Tax.

    Popular opinion has been against PM Somare for a whole lot longer then it was against Rudd and still as a Party you are not LISTENING to the people who have put your NA Party in government. If your NA Party still wants to be in government after the next elections, then don't you think that it is time the NA party showed us an alternative PM in this time left leading up to the lead to the next elections? This would go a long way in restoring voter confidence in the NA Party at the next elections. This is precisely what the Aust Labour Party have done.

    By all means follow the "process stipulated in your (NA Party) constitution" when you go to remove PM Somare as your leader.

    When is your Party (NA) going to listen to the Voice of the people?

  2. Anonymous2:53 PM

    Mr Kaiwi, don't forget what happened during the French Revolution! Your 'Grand Thief' and all you NA supporters are headed for the guillotine because of your "if they have no bread, give them cake attitude"! The people of Papua New Guinea will dump Somare and all of you NA people into the "shit hole" where you belong in 2012! You have bee warned!

  3. Anonymous1:09 PM

    What a hypocrit you are Mr Kaiwi. Can't you see and read the trends of the times? The Grand Chief has not only lost the plot, he is no longer in command of his Cabinet, he loves to travel the world, the government has become ungovernable, legislature is a laughing stalk where lawmakers no longer take their job seriously with a Speaker who has to be the worst anywhere in the democratic world. Most government and bureacratic systems have become dysfunctional. Somare, his son Arthur and others in government leadership are heavily implicated for alleged leadership breaches and yet they continue to hold office. Shame, shame shame Kaiwi and your rotten NA party. PNG will do better when all you rotten NA people are no longer there.