Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Some questions on MRA and DSTP litigation for Ramu mine



1. James Wanjik raised some issues on Mineral Resources Authority (MRA) in his publication, MRA and Corruption of Mineral Regulation in Papua New Guinea. Would Highlands Pacific have a view on it?

2. Deep Sea Tailings Placement (DSTP) litigation at Ramu mine tells Madang people that Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) was not done or at least not independently done. Would Highlands Pacific have a position?

3. So much animosity is generated over DSTP in Madang. Highlands Pacific has been antagonising it. Truth is MRA did not have mandate and authority to approve engineering and safety for construction in June 2007. Has Highlands Pacific got any legal advice on this?

4. Toll on MRA will swallow PNG. Highlands Pacific has many exploration licences in PNG. Truth is these licences are unregulated. MRA is unconstitutional and is operating illegally. It is a counterfeit. Has Highlands Pacific any legal advice on this?

5. MRA is collecting illegal tax in illegal production levy from miners. Would Highlands Pacific seek legal advice to verify this before Ramu mine comes into production?

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