Sunday, June 20, 2010

Volunteer youth ambassadors



Pictured are potential candidates for the Volunteer Youth Ambassadors Programme being implemented by PNG Ports Corporation Ltd to guide visiting tourists on cruise ships in Port Moresby.

PNGPCL organised a meet-and-greet where applicants were called into meet with company management and staff at the head office premises in downtown Port Moresby on Saturday, June 19  in an attempt to share, inform and understand what the programme was all about.

The event marked another milestone in the PNG Ports' history as the company embarks on running the Volunteer Youth Ambassador Programme that was launched in April this year.

PNGPCL chief executive officer Brian Riches said: "We have had an overwhelming response as you can see today and responses are still coming through.

"During this meet-and-greet session, you have each been provided with a questionnaire.

"The form is to be filled out and given to our officials."

He said the Volunteer Youth Ambassador Programme was a voluntary service and an initiative of PNG Ports to help manage the occasional cruise ships that visit Port Moresby.

In all, PNGPCL owns and operate 16 ports across PNG and the programme is ideal in that it will pave the way to expand this hospitality service to other ports thus promoting maritime tourism.

The Volunteer Youth Ambassador Program is a volunteer service and PNG Ports will provide all the necessities to ensure that PNG provides the best hospitality service for visiting tourists.

"You stand here as a proud Papua New Guinean, with a rich cultural heritage and over 850 languages spoken," Mr Riches said.

"You are in your own rights armed with diversified cultures that the countries of the world would envy you for – your traditional dances, sing-sing, arts and crafts, even the beautiful destinations around the country.

"You have it all and you should take this opportunity to showcase your heritage."

PNGPCL marketing and human resource employees will now ensure team leaders are selected to represent smaller groups and organise for the training of the volunteers very soon.

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