Tuesday, June 29, 2010

What a week it was in Australian politics!



What a week it was!

 Rudd the blubberer, all for himself – with nary ever a tear for the four Australians killed in roof spaces because of that mad batts scheme which still starts fires and which was signed off by Rudd, Gillard, Swan and Garrett. 

What was in that mysterious fourth letter to Rudd allegedly from Garrett? 

Gillard and Swan after doing over Rudd with a little help from friends and enemies are continuing on their merry way and if voters are suckered in by the second most-famous redhead in Australia come the election,  then please,  no whingeing when she reveals her real policies for changing the face of Australia forever.

 Bill Shorten and his mates detest Gillard but such is the Labor way that for as long as it suits them, Gillard can stay where she is.

 Shorten is very capable and ambitious and it is no secret that he regards himself as the next PM. 

Tony Abbott has promised that he will never let the mining super tax see the light of day but if the industry is conned, then it too can cop whatever happens in the future. 

How the hell will Gillard resolve the ‘illegals’ issue?


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