Thursday, June 03, 2010

Woman adventurer defers Madang arrival to tomorrow



British woman adventurer Roz Savage has deferred her arrival in Madang to 8am tomorrow (Friday) because of headwinds on Wednesday night which slowed down her progress.

Savage was initially expected to arrive in Madang at 2pm today (Thursday) after an epic rowing voyage across the Pacific from Kiribati, however, was dampened by the headwinds.

Her new expected time of arrival was 6pm today, however, after consultation with Sir Peter Barter of Melanesian Tourist Services, decided to defer to tomorrow.

This was mainly because a warm welcome by hundreds of Madang school children, a flotilla of canoes, banana boats and fishing boats was planned for daylight hours today.

“We have spoken with Roz Savage and it has been agreed that she enter Madang around 0800 on Friday,” Sir Peter said.

“She could have arrived around 1900 on Thursday, but it would be dark and it would be a shame for her not to get a welcome in daylight.

“So she will potter around outside and hopefully we can arrange the kids to paddle out around 0700 and escort her back to Madang.”

Savage wrote in her blog ( and Twitter sites on Wednesday night that the lively wind which had pushed her through the Vitiaz Strait had died down as she neared Madang.

“A slight hitch there is that the conditions here have really calmed down,” she said.

“The winds and the currents have died away since yesterday, so far from having to drag my oars metaphorically to delay my arrival until Thursday afternoon; I am now actually having to row through the night in order to get there in time!

“But from what I’ve seen of the Madang Resort (through brochures airdropped by Sir Peter), it is going to well worth the extra effort.”



  1. Dear Malum Nalu and countess unnamed friends,

    Thank you for taking such a keen interest in Roz's arrival. She is a heroine to thousands around the world. I, for one, am so happy that Roz has come to Madang by good fortune and at the pleasure of Neptune, whose currents and winds dictated her course. Neptune brought Roz to you, and thank you for your gracious hospitality!

    Rozling Unca Doug
    Hayward, California

  2. My pleasure UncaDoug, on behalf of the people of Madang and Papua New Guinea. 'Tis once in a blue moon that we have the priviledge to host people like Roz, and we'll go out of our way to show her true Papua New Guinea hospitality.